Bubbles bigger than you!

Giant bubble toys for kids, adults and event professionals

Giant bubble concentrate bottles
Giant Bubble Concentrate

It's easy. You take a small bottle of our giant bubble concentrate, add water and stir thoroughly. One 500ml bottle makes 4 whole litres of bubble juice! We'd prefer to sell you the highest quality bubble juice ingredients instead of a watered down dilution. You bring the water, we bring the bubbles. We've been refining our secret family recipe for over 10 years.

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Giant bubble wands
Giant Bubble Wands

You need the right tools to make big bubbles. Our specially designed wands are handmade by us in Hamilton. We use hard maple dowels from Quebec and 100% cotton cord from Poland. Our giant bubble wands create beautiful and stable bubbles and are easy for young and old to use. We have a dozed different models for different situations - like showering your guests with a deluge of tiny bubbles, or even putting your kids inside of a bubble.

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You name it; big bubbles will make it better.

Shimmering Spheres of Soap!

Bubbles have an exceptional therapeutic effect on the human soul because they not only fulfill our need for play, but are also, aesthetically, absolutely awesome (in the original sense of the word). Giant bubbles allow us to reach large groups of people.

We can entertain and engage a diverse crowd as they either observe the shimmering spheres of soap floating over their heads, or think to themselves, "I wanna try!". Giant bubbles are an excellent addition to any event, but especially birthday parties, afternoons in the park, company events or festivals.

About Us

Patrycja and Nick Dahl, are the brains behind Bubbly Mammoth.

They moved to Hamilton, Ontario from Berlin, Germany in 2016 where they had been running a successful family bubble business called Peter & Pat Seifenblasen since 2008.